Gods Unchained — PlayToEarn League #1

3 min readApr 9, 2021

The first Gods Unchained tournament organized by playtoearn.net is about to happen on saturday, april 10th at 5pm EST!

More than 256 people did register for the GU PlayToEarn League #1, which has exceeded the actual player limit for this tournament! Unfortunately, this is the maximum amount of players that can participate in our tournaments for some time. That being said, don’t be late for the GU PlayToEarn League #2 :-)

Gods Unchained — PlayToEarn League #1

Tournament information:

Tournament Start Time: April 10th at 5pm EST
Allowed card sets: Core + Welcome + Trial of the Gods
Banned card sets: Genesis + Promo + (Etherbots & Mythic)
Bracket Type: Single Elimination Bracket - Best of 1
Final & 3rd place match: Best of 3

What to do as a player:

  • Join the PlayToEarn discord server before the tournament starts
  • Add your Gods Unchained / Discord username to the communitygaming player biography so your opponent can find you more easy
  • Pay attention to the #tournament channel in discord, where you can search for your opponent after the tournament starts
  • Report your match results to the communitygaming bracket
  • Don’t start your first game before the official tournament start time. We want to avoid players not showing up who won their first game because they played before the tournament actually started.

Prize Pool

1st: $100 in MATIC + (~$250) GU Genesis Rare Chest
2nd: $100 in MATIC
3rd: $50 in MATIC

Tournament payouts will be paid out within 72 hours after the tournament ends.

What happens if my opponent uses banned card sets?

If your opponent uses banned card sets, tell him to change his deck. If he denies to do so, message “play2earn.crypto” in discord and the situation will be handled.

If you notice the use of banned card sets too late, it is unfortunate for you.
We’re not going to reset the entire tournament for you.

If a player abuses our system, we will disqualify him from the tournament as soon as we find out.

Gods Unchained — PlayToEarn League #2

Our next GU tournament will take place in May. Follow our Twitter & Discord news to find out when to register before the tournament is full!

Play2Earn (P2E) social community token

We aim to launch our play2earn (p2e) social token before the start of the Gods Unchained — PlayToEarn League #2 tournament.

Our social token will be a reward token for active community members, tournament winners & more. There will be no token sale for the play2earn token. You have to become an active part of our community to earn this token!

In order to participate in future PlayToEarn League tournaments, you may have to pay an entry fee in the form of our social token or be a stake holder.

Make sure to add your ethereum address to our free playtoearn crypto & nft airdrop list and receive your first play2earn tokens with the launch of our token.

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